Thank you to all of you who donated to SOS through Amplify Austin! You helped make Amplify a big success for Save Our Springs this year. Your support makes it possible for us to advocate every day to protect our vulnerable Hill Country waters and wildlife.  We appreciate you taking part in this community wide event!

On Monday, February 6th the Shudde Fath et al v. TxDOT plaintiffs filed our trial brief and initial evidence in federal court. Read our brief here, pdf Shudde Fath et al v. TxDOT plaintiffs Brief on Merits (503 KB) and the sworn statements of our experts, Dr. Lauren Ross here folder Legal Documents with attachments here, pdf Lauren Ross Declaration Attachments for Shudde Fath et al v. TxDOT plaintiffs case (7.61 MB) and engineer Todd Busch here. pdf Sworn Statement of Todd Busch in Shudde Fath et al v. TxDOT plaintiffs (756 KB) The trial is set for March 22nd. Dr. Ross shows how TxDOT's promises to protect the aquifer and Barton Springs are already being broken. Mr. Busch, our noise impacts expert, shows how TxDOT's analysis claiming no harm to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is more noise than analysis.


On January 25th a diverse coalition of Austin environmental, neighborhood, and community leaders released a joint statement of benchmarks for the proposed rewrite20170125 102458 of Austin's Land Development Code. Known as "CodeNext," the new code is intended to implement community goals set out in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan while also making Austin's development review process more transparent and consistent. A draft of the comprehensive rewrite will be released by city consultants on Wednesday, February 1st. Our shared statement - pdf Community Priorities for CodeNext: Environment, Equity, & Neighborhoods (168 KB) - provides a set of benchmarks for measuring the draft code's alignment with Imagine Austin and priority community goals. Read our press release here.  document Press Release - Priorities for CodeNEXT (23 KB)



Happy 2017 Ya'll! 

Check out the New Year's Day Splash Photos HERE.

Read the 2016 SOS Alliance and Hill Country Conservation Highlights here.   pdf Extended 2016 SOS & Hill Country Highlights (567 KB) 


While TxDOT is clearing the right of way for the SH 45 SW toll road, our lawsuit to stop the construction of 45SW and the Mopac South expansion without a comprehensive environmental study under the National Environmental Policy Act is moving toward trial early in 2017. Today the Statesman reports on the ongoing battle, highlighting our pending "notice of intent to sue" for unauthorized harm to endangered salamanders and songbirds that is now beginning to take place and which will continue if the project goes forward. . . . Meanwhile, SOS is joining with other environmental and neighborhood groups to prepare for the January release of Austin's draft "CodeNext" land development code rewrite. The rewrite is intended to implement the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan - which envisions a more healthy, sustainable, and affordable city. But early signs point to undue influence on the drafting process from development interests that would take the code in the opposite direction. Throughout next year we'll need our Austin supporters joining with us to assure that we get a code that protects our water, wildlife, parks, and open spaces comprehensively and as intended.

Late Friday, November 4th the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order denying our emergency motion for preliminary injunction to stop the clearing of the SH 45 SW right of way. We are of course extremely disappointed but not surprised. These motions are very difficult to win. But this battle is far from over. The three judges hearing our emergency motion made clear they were skeptical of TxDOT and CTRMA's legal arguments. Their order, pdf linked here (170 KB), tells us they have not yet ruled on the merits of our case.

In the oral argument, the judges also made clear they are particularly skeptical that TxDOT had prepared a required cumulative impacts analysis for the Mopac/SH 45 SW effort - an issue we have raised on appeal but did not raise in this narrower emergency motion. You can listen to the audio recording of the oral argument here.

KMLocalBanner KML News: On October 26th the Plaintiffs in the Mopac/SH 45 SW toll loop lawsuit filed an appeal with the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seeking immediate review of the trial court's denial of our request for a preliminary injunction. The Plaintiffs also requested a preliminary injunction from the appellate court in order to prevent TxDOT from clearing the SH 45 SW right of way beginning November 8th.

The court will likely rule on the preliminary injunction request within the next 10 days. Win or lose on this request for emergency relief, the case will continue towards a final decision in the months ahead. Read a copy of our emergency motion for injunction filed with the court here.