The battle to save our City of Austin public park land from repeated attacks from private, for-profit interests sometimes seems endless.  Right now the attack comes from the Columbus Crew, a professional soccer team looking to move to Austin.  They want to build a stadium on City park land at the confluence of Barton Creek and Lady Bird Lake. This idea should have been dead on arrival, but so far our mayor and council members continue to entertain the idea.  The council will consider the proposal at its February 15th meeting.  We'll be cranking up a campaign against this terrible idea in the weeks ahead.  For now, please sign the online petition against this terrible idea here.  

And please call and email the mayor and council and tell them they should have heard from the public. Ask them to personally commit to oppose building any stadium on any public waterfront park land and especially not Butler Shores.

You can send one email to the entire council here. You may also call the Mayor and members of council directly.

Phone: Mayor Steve Adler (512-987-2100); Mayor Pro Tem Kathie Tovo (D9) (512-978-2109); Council Member Ora Houston (D1) (512-978-2101); Council Member Delia Garza (D2) (512-978-2102); Council Member Pio Renteria (D3) (512-978-2103); Council Member Greg Casar (D4) (512-978-2104); Council Member Ann Kitchen (D5) (512-978-2105); Council Member Jimmy Flannigan (D6) (512-978-2106); Council Member Ellen Troxclair (D7) (512-978-2107); Council Member Ellen Troxclair (D8) (512-978-2108); and Council Member Alison Alter (D10) (512-978-2110)