The reality of the CodeNext mess finally set in.  Today City Staff announced that the 3rd draft of the comprehensive rewrite of the City's land development code would not be released on November 28th, but instead in mid-February.  City Council consideration of the now 1200 page "simplification" of the Land Development Code would be pushed well beyond the April deadline set by Mayor Adler and a majority of City Council. This is a welcomed step, but it comes with a bit of a bad taste.  Several City officials, including the Mayor, had attempted to paint neighborhood and environmental leaders arguing the draft code as too far gone to be cleaned up by April as out-of-touch obstructionists.    Now staff agrees.  It's unfortunate the City Council didn't take this step last month instead of adding another $2 million to the CodeNext consultant's contract, which had already ballooned from $2 million to $6 million.  Stay tuned - but enjoy the holidays knowing that the brakes have been applied to the CodeNext freight train.