smBarton Springs Institute PhilipRogers 71Barton Springs University held at Barton Springs on September 26th hosted over 800 high school students and a  few hundred more college students and others to day of learning from an incredible team of water, land, and environmental experts.   See photos  HERE

We thank all of our sponsors and partners (see below) and our amazing presenters, volunteers,and BSU participants!


City of Austin Parks & Recreation, Watershed Protection, Water Utility and Austin Resource ~ Recovery * University of Texas' Environmental Science Institute * Texas State University * Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District * U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service * Texas Parks & Wildlife * Save Barton Creek Association * Sierra Club * Texas Campaign for the Environment * Lone Star Sierra Club



Kirk Mitchell Environmental Law Fund | Texas Environmental Preservation Fund | Roger Worthington | Jenny Clark | Tracey Whitley /Roger Baker |  Barkley Houses | Meredith Dreiss | Dick Kallerman  | Barry George | Sheridan & Perry Lorenz | Brian Rodgers | Charles and Sylvia Zeller