We are happy to announce that Barton Springs Pool will be open on New Year's Day for the Polar Bear Splash.  Many thanks to the pool staff for working diligently since poolstaffThursday after the flood to get the pool cleaned of debris so our community can enjoy the 2019 Polar Bear Splash ~ Austin style!
We are blessed to live in a place that honors this tradition and the soul of our city - Barton Springs.
Join us in thanking the following unsung heroes!
Pool Managers:  Matthew Miller, Danica Ruggles, Conor Hopkins, Kris Williams
Pool staff:
Edward Balaguer, Sophia Bastidas, TJ Bulgerin, Milton Hein, Shane Keckin, Joel Manzo, (see pic for Matthew Miller, Pool Manager,  Jim Pappas, Troy Clites & Carl Petry), Claire Prewitt, John Shumake, Alex Slivinske, Brave Stephens, Elleyna Thompson, Landon Tourne, Derk Wilkinson, Lindsey Worthington
And our PARD Officials:
Aaron Levine, CORO, Aquatic Supervisor; and Kimberly McNeeley, CPRP, Acting Director and Adam Thompson
We'll see you Tuesday at the front gate area!  We will have hot coffee, donuts and the commemorative Polar Bear tees for sale as long as they last.