On election day,  Austin voters  approved Proposition D with a staggering 84% voting "yes."  This was the highest pass rate of any of the Austin bond measures.  Prop. D providesUrbanAssault $184 million for flood mitigation, open space and water quality protection.  $72 million of the total is specifically earmarked for buying land and conservation easements in the Barton Springs watershed in order to permanently protect and remove those lands from potential development. 
The citizen initiated CodeNext voter approval and waiting period ordinance lost by a narrow margin following a sh*&^%storm of misinformation funded by hidden money from the Real Estate Council of Austin.  The false attacks on Prop J were amplified by Mayor Adler, the Austin Chronicle, and some usual allies in the environmental community who bought the idea that voters having a say on any resurrection of the CodNEXT fiasco ordinance would be a bad thing.  There's plenty more to be said on this point, but we'll leave it there for now. 
Thanks to everyone who voted.  Stay engaged!! It takes a community to save a community spring!!. And we are blessed to see such a broad consensus of Austin voters favoring protecting Barton Springs with real funding.