Austin's November ballot presents eleven ballot propositions, A through K.  Save Our Springs urges a "yes" vote on Propositions D and J. 

Proposition D would provide $184 million for flood mitigation, open space, and water quality protection. Of the $184 million, $72 million is earmarked for buying land and conservation easements in the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer watersheds. See details here . It's literally cheaper to save the Barton Springs watershed than it is to pave it. Proposition D will provide funds to save land, water, and tax dollars. Proposition J is the citizen initiated "let us vote on CodeNext" petitioned ordinance.  With a Yes on Proposition J, voters would have the right to check the work of any city council resurrection of CodeNext or other comprehensive rewrite of the City's Land Development Code.

Voter Alert!! Don't buy the lies of developer opposition to Proposition J. Proposition J only requires voter approval of a comprehensive rewrite of the City's land development code. The City Council is free to pass zoning ordinances, flood protection ordinances, neighborhood plans, etc at any time without voter oversight or delay. Proposition J only requires voter approval if CodeNext is resurrected to throw out the existing City Land Development Code and replace it with a comprehensive new code.

Get more information here at Let Us Vote Austin.