Yesterday, the Texas Attorney General filed a lawsuit seeking to remove Austin Planning Commissioners for violating the Austin City Charter provision that prohibits more than  1/3rd of the Commissioners from being connected directly or indirectly to land development. The  petition is linked here pdf Texas v Austin Planning Commission Petition (990 KB) .  The legal action was filed pursuant to a complaint, also filed by Fred Lewis, Bill Bunch, Nelson Linder and others.

On news of this action being filed, Fred Lewis said, "I want to thank the local authorities, and especially the Office of the Texas Attorney General, for filing this suit to enforce Austin's Charter to prevent development-related domination of the Planning Commission. Austin's charter language and and the facts are clear: there are too many development related engineers, lawyers and architects on the Planning Commission, and this law enforcement action is warranted. Lewis added, "The illegal composition of the Planning Commission undermines the validity of its work over the last 3 years, whether on individual rezoning of specific properties or on CodeNEXT." Council should have fixed the illegal composition 3 years ago, when this was first brought to their attention. But Mayor Adler and the council majority ignored the illegal composition of the Planning Commission even while forging ahead with the first comprehensive rewrite of the City's development regulations in 30 years.