This week the Austin City Council dedicated three special meetings to trying to make some sense out of the 1500 page CodeNEXT draft 3 plus hundreds of proposed amendments. The working draft still fails the two primary purposes of the entire $8 million and counting effort: rather than simplify the current code, it makes it longer and more confusing; and, second, it fails to implement the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan by forcing higher density on existing neighborhoods while leaving suburban green-fields home builders and developers free to continue building standard form, sprawling subdivisions.

In other words, where its easy and important to implement more

Meanwhile, next Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. the Honorable Judge Orlinda Naranjo, Travis County District Court Judge, will hear arguments in the lawsuit to force the Austin City Council to place the CodeNEXT petitioned initiative ordinance on the November 2018 ballot. A narrow 6-4 majority of City Council has refused to place the petitioned ordinance on the ballot, claiming it is a