Thank you to everyone who contacted City officials to protest the rush to pave over seven acres of Zilker Park to convert lake front park land into a parking lot for ACL.  Last Wednesday night, Austin's Environmental Commission voted unanimously to recommend against  the project in favor of a park access and master plan for Zilker Park that would lead to less parking in the park.  Thank you Commissioners!! Then, late Friday afternoon Acting Parks Director Kimberly McNeeley sent a memo to City Council stating that staff was "putting the proposal on hold indefinitely." 

Once again, some people claimed it was "a done deal," a waste of time to oppose this sneak attack on Austin's most favorite and irreplaceable park.  But with vigilance from citizens like you, strong volunteers serving on the Environmental Commission, and hard work from SOS and Zilker and Barton Hills Neighborhood Association leaders, we saved this bit of park paradise from another parking lot.   At least for now.