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Barton Springs Fest 2013  ~  Saturday August 10, 2013

Nico M. Hauwert, Ph.D., P.G.          "An Introduction to the Hydrogeology of Barton Springs"

Senior Hydrogeologist and Senior Environmental Scientist, City of Austin Watershed Protection Department. Nico's passion with caves led to his study of the Edwards Aquifer over the past 3 decades. His dye trace studies have shown the sources of water to Barton Springs and the sensitivity of the aquifer. A former president and vice president of the Austin Geological Society, he has a bachelor's degree in geology from the University of Texas, a master's degree in geology from the University of Toledo, and a Ph.D in geology from UT.

Laurie A. Dries, Ph.D.          "Salamanders, Blue Gills & Eels, Oh My!  The Biology of Barton Springs"

Laurie is an Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecologist with the City of Austin. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees from UT-Austin and has studied freshwater fishes in Texas and Mexico and fruit flies in California. She began to work for the city in 2003, studying and managing habitats and endangered salamanders of Barton Springs. Born in Wisconsin and moved to Austin in 1981, Laurie isn't quite a native but has been here a good long while.

Bill Bunch, Executive Director, Save Our Springs Alliance

"Threats, Solutions, and What You Can Do to Help Save Barton Springs"

In addition to Executive Director, Bill serves as lead attorney for the Save Our Springs Alliance. He co-founded the organization in 1992 along with leaders from the Austin Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, and other organizations. Bunch holds a bachelor's degree in environmental biology from the University of Colorado and a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley. This session will focus on the greatest threats to the quality and quantity of Barton Springs flows and how each of us can be part of the solution.

Gary Perez, Native American Church & Indigenous Cultures Institute of San Marcos

“The Four Fountain Springs of Texas - Their Role in Pre-Columbian and Contemporary Indigenous Cultures"

Gary is the Custodian of the Native American Church National Trust in Mirando City and Sacred Sites Director of the Indigenous Cultures Institute in San Marcos. Author and speaker for indigenous issues in south Texas, Gary will be sharing his experience with the Four Fountain Springs along the Balcones Escarpment, and the metaphysical state of mind passed on from generation to generation. He will also share the 2011 discovery of the Four Fountain Springs within a 4,000 year old painting.

Clark Hancock, MPAff., CIT          "Tracks of the Past:  The Built Environment of Zilker Park"

Exhibit Coordinator, Austin Nature & Science Center, Austin Parks and Recreation Dept. Clark has worked in and around Zilker Park since the 1980’s. Since starting with the City in 1990, his focus has been on helping visitors forge their own connections to the natural and cultural heritage of Austin’s premier open space. He holds degrees in Theater from Tulane University and Public Affairs from UT-Austin’s LBJ School.

Don Graham, Ph.D.          "Dobie, Bedichek, and Webb:  Their Lives and Legacies"

Don Graham is the J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor of American and English Literature at the University of Texas. He is the author of numerous books on Texas literature, history, and culture. His latest is State of Minds: Texas Culture & Its Discontents. Earlier works include a biography of Audie Murphy and a history of King Ranch. Graham regularly teaches the course made famous by J. Frank Dobie, Life and Literature of the Southwest. Graham will talk about the lives and legacies of Dobie, Bedichek, and Webb, the three writers memorialized in the sculpture near the entrance to the Springs.